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Our Certification
There is a great concern from overseas buyers, importers and dealers to entertain only those garment units who work in ethical environment and follow good social practices.  Anything made inhuman condition bring straightway ‘No’ to garment manufacturers.  This is one of the big effort by well to do business icons to take care of the society as a whole Garment manufacturing consists of several small-small activities where child labour is engaged and forced to work in very sub standard conditions.  Looking to these The Corporate Social Responsibility Research Institute of New York draw up a universal code of practice for labour conditions in manufacturing units and brought out an international standard which was later known as SA 8000:2008 which is based on the principals of international human right norms and provides for a Social Accountability Management System to demonstrate ongoing conformance with the standard.  It measures the performance of the company in nine key areas such as Child Labour, Forced Labour, Health & Safety, Freedom of Association & Right to Collective Bargaining, Discrimination, Disciplinary Practices, Working Hours, Remuneration & Management Systems.

Indo British Garments (P) Ltd., Faridabad has done extensive efforts in practicing Social Accountability Management System requirements and has been recommended for certification through Det Norske Veritas, Norway. Ethical practicing not only enhance the prosperity to the company, it also upgrades the society as a whole international organization, trade union regulation, human rights, NGOs and lobbyists are making endless efforts to enforce socially responsible conditions for the garment industry.
SA 8000:2008 is one of the highest accreditation and the most important tool to prevent lot many problems. The standards are very very exacting and it took two years of sustained work for us, to get this certification. 

From the time this accreditation came into being about 12years back only about 1000 companies across the globe and across industries have managed to get this accreditation. Only about 125 companies in India have this certification.

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