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IBG : Going Green

Indo-British Garments is following the path of going green and taking keen interest in all the efforts on reducing carbon footprint.

Taking forward the celebrations of the “World Environment Day” on June 5th, 2010, the employees at the manufacturing unit in Faridabad, outerskirts of Delhi came forward with very thoughtful themes of making the paintings. The paintings were sketched and also painted with watercolours and crayons too. Even the families took keen interest and as we all know that the factory workers come from humble families who don’t know much about environment got to know and the families got educated. The children of the employees also made paintings which were theme based.

There were around 50 entrants of the paintings that were made with the theme on Environment and our future which made us further think on the subject. Out of the 50 entrants Ms. Jaya Sudha’s (Executive – Purchase) painting was judged the first and the runner’s up was the painting done by the daughter of Mr. Manoj Rajput (GM – Finance).

Also, tree plantation took place. Ms Chandni Sachdev (MD – IBG) along with her team planted the tree at the factory premises. She further talked and educated the employees on the awareness of environment and the damages that would hit all the mankind if we don’t take basic initiatives to curb them.

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